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Finding faith in Every Turn

mike parks

Michael and his wife, Sheri, serve in crisis regions with unreached and unengaged communities that have little or no assistance and that suffer from oppression, persecution, war or natural disasters.


Through holistic transformation --- building relationships, earning trust, attempting to deeply understand, and assisting with recovery toward independence from outside help --- the Parks seek to restore dignity and respect to people who are suffering.

Since helping repatriate refugees from the Kosovo conflict in 1999, Michael and Sheri have overseen disaster response and development operations for more than 20 years in places such as Afghanistan, Sudan-Darfur, Lebanon and Northern Iraq to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and health. Prior to this work, Michael was a pastor for Calvary Chapel in Wichita, KS, and an engineer for Boeing.

Michael and Sheri have five beautiful children: Carlos, Ilana, Josiah, Micah, and Elijah.


Dan Emig

Through a focus on development and disaster relief, Dan helps people who are "the poorest of the poor" to become self-sustaining and human in the fullest sense. By engaging location-based relationships and local resources, Dan also helps those he serves to become catalysts of change and to develop and grow in their own cultural context via mentoring and healthy access to water, food, wellness (health), education and finances. This extremely effective approach is referred to as "Transformational Community Development" (TCD), and Dan is always looking for new key relationships and for new locations at which to implement TCD.


Dan and his wife, Nora, married in 1992. They have three wonderful children ---Jonathan, Bryan, and Eliana --- and reside in Monument, Colo. Each of them enjoyed the adventures of living in Eastern Europe and are excited about the future.