A difficult & sometimes dangerous mission...

Middle East - 5 Mar 2020 Communities in pain and poverty Continued from our previous update "The Struggle of "Good" People - The Yazidi Journey

THE MAYOR OF KALAR...please help our city... We went to the city of Kalar to visit a man who is a leader in the community. Kalar is a city, of about 70,000, in southern Kurdistan, not too far from Baghdad. While there, we received a call from the mayor, Mayor Srwa. She heard we were in town and wanted to meet we went over to her office. Kalar town still suffers from Hussein's attempt to commit genocide against the Kurdish people during a time when over 186,000 people were killed, and thousands of villages destroyed by his army. The only thing that stopped the genocide was the US Desert Storm and the establishment of the No-fly zone which stopped the bombings/gassing and forced Saddam's troops to pull back and Operation Iraqi Freedom, that gave the Iraqi Kurdish people a land to be free(er) and safe(er)…thank you…

In our meeting, Mayor Srwa told us about the situation of her town and displacement camps nearby.

There are many needs in her community...She asked us for help. There are many things we could do to help them. We are making plans to help, including taking a medical team there later this year as well as other development programs to help them. They want us to come in the summer…right?...120+F… no's a 'dry heat'...

PROTECTION OF PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS, YAZIDIS, AND OTHERS When in Kurdistan, I meet with officers from the governmental agency of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Khalid and Mariwan. These men are essential to our permission to work in N Iraq. They tirelessly work to protect the Christians, Yazidi, and other religious minorities against the radical elements in their society. At times their job and passion put them at considerable personal risk. This trip we met outside their office at a local restaurant. And, it just so happened, the mayor of Ancawa walked in. Ancawa is a city adjacent to the capital of N Iraq, Erbil, and is known as the 'Christian city.'

My friends knew him, and he sat with us and entered the discussion. We talked at length about the situation of the persecution of the Christians and Yazidi. These are the majority of the people killed, women and children taken for slaves, and property and villages taken and often destroyed.

Even after the ISIS caliphate was removed, other sectarian militia came and continued to oppress them and steal their property, forcing them under continual persecution and leaving them without the means to live.

This had caused a massive exodus of Christians from the region We are working on a plan to help bring governmental support for their work to protect the persecuted. Because of all this, there is a need for business development in the region. We are discussing ways we can help in that area also. Thank you for your on-going prayers and financial support. We work with you to help the least and the last, and we thank God for you.

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