A land of the exiled

Syrian Refugees in a land where Israel was exiled Middle East - 11 Mar 2020 Continued from our previous update "Protecting the Persecuted" Estimated reading time 2 min 35 sec

HOME AGAIN! It is so nice to be home. This was a long trip. Micah & Elijah were so excited when I got home they actually stopped playing games long enough to say 'hi dad'. Thank you for your prayers. This was a very successful and God-filled trip.

SYRIAN REFUGEES-THE PAIN CONTINUES We are ministering to refugees from Syria in a refugee camp called Barda Rash, located in N Iraq along the Syrian border. This camp was initially established for Syrian refugees from the early days of the war in Syria over 9 years ago. Most of whom had returned home after ISIS's territorial defeat. But last fall, Turkey attacked the northeast region of Syria. Many thousands were torn from their homes, lives, families, and forced to flee. It is heartbreaking to hear their stories. The lady in the red dress below is a widow who fled Syria. She told me how her home was destroyed by militants. She escaped on horse with her three children, and now she is in this refugee camp and has no one to help her children. She said she could never return home because, she has no money and no one to help her rebuild and even worse she is terrified those who destroyed her home would find her and harm her and her children. (Everyone said these groups are the same as ISIS. And no one will forget the horrors of their reign of terror) She pleaded with me to help her come to the United States or Canada...or anywhere.

These people are primarily Assyrian Christian, Kurds, and Yazidi people who were living good and peaceful lives in the land of their ancestors.

We did an assessment of the camp and determined what we could do to help them. We left them survival blankets, which they will use to line their tents for warmth in the winter and reflect the heat in the summer and LED lights and flashlights. These were very appreciated. It is my hope to be able to help them go home someday.

SYRIAN REFUGEES IN A LAND OF THE JEWISH EXILE The region where the Barda Rash camp is located is called the Akre region. Interestingly, the Akre region is where many Jews lived until they returned to Israel in 1948. Shimon Perez, the former Prime Minister of Israel, was Kurdish and from this region. These Jews lived in this region from the time of the dispersion (6th century BC), when the Medes (present-day Kurds), of the Medo-Persian empire, brought them here from Babylon. Daniel, the prophet, served as second in charge under Darius the Mede until his death (read the book of Daniel 1-6). This is an amazing land rich in ancient and current history. From the time of the Adam & Eve and Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, Nineveh & Jonah the prophet, Abraham & Sarah's journey to the promised land, The Babylonian & Medo-Persian Empires and Daniel the prophet...and more...this land is the home of epic events in the history of God's work with humanity and great spiritual battles.

IT IS AN HONOR TO SERVE We are honored and excited about joining in the work of God in this region. We partner with heroes of the faith to help the refugee, weak, and hopeless. Even in these difficult times, there are significant Kingdom advances in the face of torturous opposition. We are thankful to you for joining us in this great effort. Thank you for your on-going prayers and financial support.

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