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BEIRUT EXPLOSION UPDATELebanon - In a time of great need.

Beirut struggles to recover from the explosion that destroyed a large area of the city, killing 160 people, thousands were injured, 300,000 have been left homeless, 80,000 of whom are children. Now, large scale protest over corruption in their government and their handling of the 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate that exploded in a warehouse in the port, which brought about the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet. This is on top of a collapsing economy and food shortages.

Together, we can bring assistance, peace, and safety to many, even in the midst of turmoil. Our team is actively assisting victims through the following response plan: Phase 1: Current Basics

  • The current need is food parcels for families with damaged homes and kitchens.

  • Portable folding beds, Blankets, and detergents to sleep and clean the homes

Phase 2: Home Repairs

  • After clean-up, the need is to repair primarily broken doors and windows

  • Repair broke and damaged Furniture (Beds, closets, sofas, lights, toilets, Paint)

Phase 3: Community Development

  • Having built connections while repairing homes, we follow up community’s physical, mental, and spiritual health through personal visits

We are currently in Phase 1 and will soon begin Phase 2.

Please join us as we assist the victims of the explosion. It is our goal to raise 25,000$. Helping now, during their time of need, allows us to be a part of lasting positive change in Lebanon, as our team lovingly and boldly reaches into the lives of many helping them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please pray!

The Lord loves Lebanon, and so do we! We are thankful for you! Grace and Peace, Mike

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