Briefing on Iraq and Syrian refugees

The situation for the Yazidi people remains difficult. After almost 5 years they cannot return home due to the unrepaired infrastructure, unexploded ordinance, and mines, and lack of security as militia continue to occupy their villages, and the ideology that brought ISIS to life remains in place though they are territorially defeated.

We remain committed to the families we are helping with food, baby formula, and other daily needed items. We are also continuing to assist them to improve their lives while displaced thru teaching them to maintain clean water, seeds to grow crops, and preparing for the hot summer months as most still live in blue plastic homes or old abandoned buildings. There is still difficulty finding full-time employment and job creation is slow as the economy in N Iraq is still recovering from the cost of the war with ISIS.

Even in these difficult times, we have been able to join the work of the Lord in bringing physical, mental, and spiritual healing and hope. We also continue with our transformational community development work to keep them healthy and growing in their ability to be self-sustaining.

The protracted crisis of the Syrian war continues to keep over a million families living as refugees in Lebanon. We continue to assist families with essential items such as food, medicine, financial assistance for medical treatment, and friendship. By faithfully and persistently helping them in their time of trouble we have built relationships that help us to not only help them with physical needs but also to counsel them through mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Here in the camps, our TCD training has helped them live better and healthier lives, even in their harsh and severe living conditions.

Those living in the camp helped build a well to provide clean water


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