I'm going back, as soon as I can!

My recent trip into Kurdistan/Iraq with Frontier Partners and under the leadership of Mike Parks, was one of the best travel-serving experiences I’ve ever had. Focused on helping Yazidi refugees primarily (the Syrian refugees had not yet arrived), our team was able to assess some of their needs and provide basic necessities such as food items and other life provisions. Additionally, and equally or more important, the team was able to focus on sustainable development, helping the refugees in areas of micro-enterprise and micro-business potentials.

Mike Parks is clearly in his element, expertise and passion in these environments. His ability to maneuver and flex into unforeseen needs, coming out of them with positive experiences and a help to others being served, as well as the team members, is unprecedented. I have no hesitation to work with and go with him again into this and other such places to serve. I am hoping to do exactly that, as soon as I can and funds avail.

Daniel Emig

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