Jordan team intro - Our partner Refuge Cities, Jordan

Refuge Cities' leadership has years of experience working in refugee care, crisis intervention, and offering peace to those in need throughout Jordan. Previously, this team was with Global Hope Network International but determined to part ways as they have a strong desire to share Christ more freely than when working under a secular organization. Now leading the mission, Jamal and his team are loving openly in the name of Christ.

Jamal Hashweh, President of Refuge Cities, has years of experience in this important work to bring solutions to those in need. Jamal is a seasoned international leader with 46 years of compassion work and leadership experience, up until the fall of 2021, he served successfully as the leader of Global Hope Network Jordan and prior to that, the Bible Society. Jamal was born and raised in Jordan, thus fully understanding the local history and culture. After graduating from the University of Jordan in 1978, he chose to leave a promising career in accounting to pursue development and compassion work. Presently, he serves as CEO of Refuge Cities Network (RCN). Jamal is a musician and composer. His hobbies include basketball and swimming. He and his wife, Suzan, have been happily and faithfully married since 1985, and have been blessed with three children: Fadi, Philip, and Jane. They have two grandchildren, Jamal and Felicity.

Under Jamal's leadership, Refuge Cities' has grown to provide medical clinics, education support, and basic needs to over 7 regions in Jordan. A well-known believer, his team often shares how God loves those they serve and He is why they are there.

Jamal shares his vision here:

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