one of the most beautiful places on earth

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Her western border meets the Mediterranean sea and immediately rises thousands of feet to mountains with skiing and the cedar forest.

In ancient times Lebanon was known as Phoenicia and its trade by ships across the Mediterranean. The Lebanese people are descendants of the Phoenicians. The capital of ancient Phoenicia was the city of Byblos, which was first occupied between 8800 and 7000 BC and became known for the production of papyrus.

Through the ages, this beautiful land has seen times of great prosperity and great difficulty.

Today the people of Lebanon are in a difficult time.

Lebanon continues to suffer under hyper-inflation, increasingly limited food and gas supplies, devastating corruption in the government and banking system, an increasing possibility of war between Hezbollah (who base in southern Lebanon and exercise significant control over the government) and Israel, and growing unrest throughout the country.

Though Lebanon is home to many religions, it primarily breaks down to 1/3 Christian, 1/3 Shia Muslim, and 1/3 Suni Muslim.

Christians are typically more successful in business, and the Christian sectors of the country are generally more prosperous.

So, the financial pressures and corruption have had harsher effects on Christians.

Today, the only solution for many is to leave Lebanon.

FPI in partnership with Warm Heart, are working to bring Hope back to the Lebanese people by helping the least & the last, as well as people in the high-level military and government positions.

We began by assisting Syrian refugees who fled the war in Syria. Today our partnership has expanded to include skills training for refugees, education, a mobile clinic/classroom, wheelchairs for the disabled, and discipleship of new believers.

Because of the increasing problems in Lebanon, our work includes the fast-growing numbers of Lebanese people in need.

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