That night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby, guarding thei

flocks of sheep. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the

radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the

angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you GOOD news that

will bring great joy to all people. The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has

been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! Suddenly, the angel was joined

by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God and saying, 'Glory

in the highest to God, and upon earth peace, among men -- good will.'

With the great turmoil in the world, and sometimes our own lives, I encourage you to

read the verse above...again...seriously...not messing around serious...and

think on the POWER and GLORY of God, the lack of fear and fretting, JOY to all

people, and PEACE on earth.

And with that, I wish you a “Merry CHRISTmas”!

THANK YOU! for your prayers and support over the years. As time goes by, I grow in my

appreciation for you as we join together in this venture of faith!

Here is the latest on the PARKS FAMILY.

Carlos is 23 yrs-old. Carlos moved to Oregon this summer (one of the few months it is

not raining). He loves the beauty of the Great North Wet. He plans to go to school for

underwater welding in the coming year.

Ilana is almost 19. As from her infancy, she remains highly motivated and determined.

Ilana coaches gymnastics and is very involved in the leadership in the young adults’

group at church. It is encouraging for us to see how greatly she loves the Lord and is

active in her faith. She graduated from High School last year and took college classes at

Pikes Peak Community College.

Josiah is 17 yrs-old. A junior in high-school. He is very social and a natural leader. His

teachers and counselor tell us how respectful, helpful, and kind he is. He is driving now

(yikes!) and has a girlfriend. He and his buddy pick up odd jobs from our neighborhood

website doing landscaping and odd jobs.

Micah is 11 yrs-old. He is a fun and interesting person. We still have long and engaging

talks about games he loves, joys and sorrows of school, creation, the Bible, and

theology. Micah loves being a Boy Scout and is about to reach the rank of First Class. I

asked him what he would like to say to you all, and he said, “Thank you for praying for us

and giving money to help the poor Syrian refugees and Yazidi. God Bless you!”

Elijah is 9 yrs-old. He loves cats, games, and joking around. When I ask him what his

favorite thing about school is, it is either lunch or going home. He is funny. He’ll often

say, “I’m a cat man” as he carries Simba over his shoulder like a stuffed toy as he hauls

him off to bed. He is a Webelos Scout and we’re looking forward to Boy Scouts.

Sheri is the president of the Parent Teacher Organization at our boys’ elementary

school for the second year...and needless to say, she is super busy with meetings,

events, and always running to get things done. She is responsible for planning events,

working with the teachers, school board, principal, parents...and other folks. She loves

planning fun events and is serious about improving the education of the children.


“Do not say there are four months and then the harvest will come. I say to you, lift

up your eyes and see the fields, they are already ripe and ready for harvest.”

I have served in the mission field for 38 years. Beginning in the streets of Wichita, KS to

South and Central Asia to the Middle East...I have never seen a greater time of


Every year-end, I look back and rehearse a time of great joys and sorrows. I see

the Good News of Peace, reaching many as the Lord brings comfort and hope in

regions that have only known darkness. I also see the enemy bringing death and

destruction, harming many who are made in God’s image, making our hearts yearn for

the day when Jesus returns and brings “Peace on Earth.”

Until then I am compelled to engage in helping those the Lord gives us to help, who

suffer such great pain and loss.

We thank the Lord for the privilege and honor to serve Him among the least and last and

for you who have been our friends and stood with us as we make our way through the

Journey, the calling, the Lord God has given us

FRONTIER PARTNERS INT’L (FPI), founded this year.

Why FPI?

The Lord has called our team to

1. continue to help the desperately suffering in crisis regions through relief

and development. To do this,

2. we also need to assist the Church to be strengthened in their Biblical

knowledge and leadership as well as

3. work with local and national governments in securing and maintaining

religious freedom and protection of Christians and other religious


Our vision is: To serve victims of wars and natural disasters in

unreached/unengaged communities that are impoverished, oppressed, and

persecuted, who are receiving little or no assistance.

To serve the suffering with dignity and respect, building a bridge of trust that

allows us to help through the crisis and to build secure and prosperous



The war in Syria took on a new battlefront as Turkey invaded a region in NE Syria. This

has brought about a new flood of Syrian refugees into N Iraq, We are now

helping as many Syrian refugees as possible.

We continue to help 100+ Yazidi families who remain displaced from their

homeland due to great security risk, destroyed homes and infrastructure, multiple

military militias in the area, and ongoing territorial disputes. Life is difficult, and their

future is uncertain.

As winter arrives, many Yazidi and Syrian refugees (which include Yazidi, Kurds,

and Christians) have significant needs. We will continue to give compassionate aid,

training, and friendship.

We put a high-value on building relationships with those we help. As these relationships

grow, we are able to speak deeper into the lives of these families to bring emotional &

spiritual healing.

With your help, we have been able to bring physical and emotional help to many who

have lost everything they own and many whom they love. But the most significant impact

we have on those who have suffered so much is being a witness of the unconditional

love of God.

As you plan your year-end giving, would you prayerfully consider joining with us

in our work through a financial gift?

We are very thankful for you. Your steadfastness in prayer and financial

support enables us to dedicate our lives to this calling. You are appreciated immensely.

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