The worst genocide of the 21st century is occurring right now!

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Winter Relief and Protection for Syrian Refugees

Despite the information we hear on our news, there is no ceasefire, there is no safe zone.

Today 300,000 to 400,000 Kurds and Assyrian Christians are fleeing their homes in the war zone of northern Syria to escape heavily armed Turkish military and Islamist militia. 

Make no mistake, these militias are as violent and brutal as ISIS. 

Many Kurds and Christian are being captured and executed for the race and faith. 

Sadly, our news is not reporting these atrocities.

If Turkey accomplishes its goal, it will completely and forever displace most of the people who live in the "Buffer Zone."

The families fleeing this region are experiencing consuming loss, trauma, fear, and sorrow. 

Many thousands are escaping into Northern Iraq near to where we continue to help the Yazidi people who are still recovering from the same experience five years ago.

The situation is on-going, and no one knows how this will turn out.

Most of these families are staying in tents and tarp structures.

Winter is setting in and it is cold.

Uncorrupt and pure service to God is to care for widows and fatherless during their time of affliction... James 1:27.

Now is their time of affliction.

Our team has been taking food, blankets, clothing, powdered milk for infants, and the like to the refugees. They also bring gifts of love, comfort, compassion, and hope.

The need is great and we need your help!

Your donation will bring immediate aid and relief to these desperately suffering families. 

10$ per day feeds a family of five.

We are at 20% of our goal of reaching $30,000.

This will feed 100 families for one month.

We would love to do more.

As you know, any amount will help!

Please donate now! Gifts are tax-deductible.

To donate online, click, DONATE (above...when you reach the donation page, write in the donation amount, and "REFUGEES" in the adjacent block.)


TEXT 55498 with the message "Refugees".           


By Check: Write payable to "Global Service Associates" (our fiduciary partner to process tax-deductible donations)

In memo note: "Syrian Refugees"

Mail to: Frontier Partners International

C/O Global Service Associates

PO Box 20425, Boulder, CO 80308

Your gift will bring lifesaving help!