The Yazidi Struggle

(2min:24sec read time) …continued from the previous update from Lebanon, "To Live...We Ran"

We arrived in N Iraq. It was cold and rainy. The weather had warmed to the low 40's. The winter has been harsh with freezing weather and snow, which damaged many of the plastic/tarp homes and took the lives of refugees who froze to death in the night. We dropped our bags off and immediately went to meet with our Yazidi families. It is always a joy to see them.

Over the last 5+ years, many have become friends.

I have seen their children grow, and their lives slowly improve.

I am thankful that you and I have been able to be a part of helping their community through these difficult times.

The winter has been hard. In this season, finding work is difficult.

They have not been able to buy enough food, clothing, hygiene items, medicine, and the like, to keep their families fed and healthy.

We distributed 35-kilo bags of flour along with rice, soap, and other necessary items they have not been able to purchase.

The distribution came during a very needy time and will get them through till spring when employment picks up.

We spent time, over many cups of chai/tea, visiting and talking.

As our relationship grows, so does our understanding of their current situation and needs. And as they talk, we hear their future hopes and dreams (of which are growing). As many of you may remember, the Yazidi leader of this community started a soap manufacturing business where he employs between 2 and 4 people.

Much of our discussion was regarding how to increase their employment opportunities and small business start-up. We have several plans and are currently choosing the best for the Yazidi as well as the Christians…more on that later.

Have you heard about the Coronavirus?

With the ever-increasing travel restrictions, we're not sure they will allow us back in the good ol' USA! As the Coronavirus continues to spread, and the death toll climbs, many here in Iraq are greatly concerned. The Kurds say they are a small country, and if it comes to their here, they do not have the resources to fight it…and this is true. Already struggling to recover from the first Syrian refugee crisis, the toll ISIS took on the nation, the new Syrian crisis, the troubles with various radical armed militias, sectarian violence, surrounding governments, political infighting...etc... this small region is struggling. They have closed their border with Iran and closed public schools (to the joy of every schoolchild I met) for one-month to mitigate the potential spread of this disease. We pray for the virus to pass, and for a cure to be found quickly. This trip has brought many ministry opportunities to our doorstep. Please pray with us that we will walk across the thresholds of His choosing. Thank you for your on-going prayers and financial support. We serve alongside you to help the least and the last, and we thank God for you.

As always, we need your financial partnership to help these families, who are grateful for you. If you would like to financially contribute, go to and choose to give as you wish toward Yazidi families or Syrian Families

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