I'm in the Middle East with our team. The first leg of this trip was Lebanon, in a refugee camp near the Syrian border, where we served Syrian refugees. Many have been families who have been refugees for over eight years. These families had homes, farms, animals, jobs, TVs, computers, plenty of good food, and health care.

That is all lost.

Also lost are husbands, wives, children...many loved ones, either known dead or missing. Many of those who escaped suffered horribly at the hands of their attackers and suffer severe trauma. Today, they struggle to find work to provide for their families. They live in plastic/tarp homes, are hungry and cold, are often sick, and many children have had little or no education the entire time. Our team has built a meeting place called 'The House of Love' using a 40' container Here they are taught lessons that range from health & hygiene, overcoming trauma, to how to be filled with joy.

More people want to come to the classes then can fit into the classroom. There remains great pain and sorrow from the loss of their homes and loved ones. But slowly, many are finding healing, self-esteem, and hope.

They need your prayers and donations.

Your gift will help buy much needed blankets, heating fuel, food, and winter clothing. It will also help us continue to give quality care and training.

We are now in the dynamic and challenging region of... (to be continued...)

Grace & Truth Mike

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