yazidi families

offering hope to those who need it most

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the suffering

In August 2014, the Yazidi people, known for being peaceful and hardworking, were attacked by ISIS.


Over1400 years & 73 times, the Yazidi people have been targets for genocide by a single sectarian group.  The goal of their enemy was to destroy or enslave them all. Those who were captured were enslaved, tortured, and murdered. The women were kept alive and taken as sex slaves for their captors.


Most escaped to Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). Though they were safe the small region of Kurdistan was already overwhelmed fighting a war with ISIS and caring for Syrian refugees.

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help for the yazidi families

Today we serve 105 families who have taken refuge near a city close to the Iranian border. We have come alongside to help.  The caring love and respect shown to these families is strange and surprising to them. After suffering so much because of their religion and ethnic identity they are happily surprised to be received and helped with dignity and respect by people who genuinely care about their welfare.

A great amount of healing can be accomplished over a cup of tea with a caring friend who will sit with you and listen.


We are caring for their ongoing immediate needs by supplementing their daily needs, educational assistance for school children, and medical assistance. We are also training Yazidi and Christians in Transformational Community Development (TCD).  

Through this education, we are helping the Christian and Yazidi communities live increasingly independent lives so whether they must make their homes in a new region or are able to return home someday, they are able to strategically rebuild self-sufficient and prosperous communities.

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you have the power to help them

Your help includes providing essential supplies such as baby formula and diapers, clothing. Your support helps to provide needed food items, and education throughout the families. Most importantly, as we continue to face the Covid-19 Pandemic, your support will help provide wellness prevention training for COVID-19.


Will you join us in helping these dear families?